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With God we can do it

With God we can do it

I was for a mission trip in the tribes in the Philippines, to be part of a youth camp that was running around that time I was there. Your that come to this camp need to walk for hours to join the camp and other need to take the boat for a while before they can come. Before the youth camp started we had time with some leaders that were helping out with this camp, still quite some young people were there. We were going to pray and give encouraging words to them. So we started praying for them one by one. After we prayed for the first lady, I looked around the circle and realized that we still needed to pray for 21 people. When I saw that I started to get nervous and started to doubt myself, because I wanted to have for everyone a different word and I wasn’t sure if I could do that. But than I started to pray to God and said really honest to Him ‘God I don’t know how I can do it but I know you can and if you want me to speak to everyone you will speak true me’. So I went for it and wanted to trust God for what he has. And one by one the words and pictures popped up into my head. With God by our side and with his power are we capable of everything!

In missions

Since 2018:

I am a fulltime missionary by YWAM.  I invest in the Urban Presence DTS at YWAM Amsterdam. Here we will: disciple and train young people, challenge young people to be world changers, take youth on outreach to Asia. 

How is that Financial?

You do not get paid at YWAM, so this means no salary compensation. That’s shy I saved money to be able to pay part of the costs. For the rest, I am completely dependent on God’s provision. 

Do you want to be my partner?

I ask you to become my partner. What I mainly need now are monthly donation for mu accommodation, food, insurance and travel expenses. I am willing to live simply, so I can train young people and to take them on a mission trip. Will you be my partner for the next two years? I can not do this without your support. 

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