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Who did ever thought that I would life in Amsterdam…..
in July 2018 I started full time at YWAM Amsterdam

Who did ever thought that I would life in Amsterdam…..

At least I had never thought that. Since I’m young I knew I wanted to be a missionary and that I wanted to do a DTS. But the Funny thing is if we think about mission work we think about flying to the other side of the world, living in Africa or somewhere in Asia. So that is also something I thought about. I always thought about moving to a country then staying in The Netherlands.

One thing that I knew for sure was that I needed to do my DTS far away from the Netherlands. I never understood Dutch people that stayed in the Netherlands. But when I started praying and asking God where to go, He made it so clear that I needed to go to Amsterdam. I was so so so confused because the YWAM Amsterdam base where God spoke about is like a 30 minutes drive from my home, so that is to close for me. Even people from the base there asked me if I really wanted to go here because it is extremely close by. Honestly, No, I didn’t wanted to go there, but I wanted to obey God in what He had for me. S that meant actually going to the YWAM Amsterdam base.

I knew that God had more in store for me than just doing a DTS in Amsterdam. And yess that is trui because I can back to work with YWAM Amsterdam after I did my DTS there.  It’s amazing to see how God has been really teaching me to love my own country and to see that The Netherlands need missionaries too. God has really shown me that not only Africa and Asia need missionaries, to be honest look around in Amsterdam, the red light district, it’s legal to take drugs and there is so much more going on. Amsterdam really need missionaries, people really need to Lord! Even if we look to churches, so many teenagers are leaving the church now a days. So we also need people that stay in the Netherlands to help The Netherlands and to help their church. Our picture of missionaries has to change, because so many people in the Netherlands don’t know God how we know Him! People need to know how amazing He is and  that He chances people their lives!

And yes, we still need to be willing to live with little, because we need to be willing to go where He sends us. But it doesn’t mean all the missionaries need to life with little. It Doesn’t mean we alle need to live in a wooden house on a thine plastic mat in the tribes. Yes God brings people there but that doesn’t mean everybody need to life like that. God really takes care of His children, so also the one on the mission flied. 

God turned my life upside down and sometimes I get the question in my head: “when do I leave to a country far a way?” But I know God wants me here right now and I’m blessed that he sends me to places in Asia for a DTS outreach or even for a short mission trips. I’m willing to give things up for God and to live with little! 

In missions

Since 2018:

I am a fulltime missionary by YWAM.  I invest in the Urban Presence DTS at YWAM Amsterdam. Here we will: disciple and train young people, challenge young people to be world changers, take youth on outreach to Asia. 

How is that Financial?

You do not get paid at YWAM, so this means no salary compensation. That’s shy I saved money to be able to pay part of the costs. For the rest, I am completely dependent on God’s provision. 

Do you want to be my partner?

I ask you to become my partner. What I mainly need now are monthly donation for mu accommodation, food, insurance and travel expenses. I am willing to live simply, so I can train young people and to take them on a mission trip. Will you be my partner for the next two years? I can not do this without your support. 

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