My Mission


Since July 2018 I’m full time in missions.

I’m Maryse and I love to follow Jesus


My  Story

I know God called me 

Since I’m little I always said I wanted to be a missionary. If I look back to my notebook were I wrote my dreams in, I can read back: doing a DTS – Staffing a DTS. I always wanted to do a DTS as far as possible from the Netherlands. I even told Dutch people that stayed in the Netherlands were stupid to stay in the Netherlands, because this is a change to travel the world. My plan was to do a DTS in Amerika and I was so sure of it. But when God started to speak clearly, and I heard God speak ‘Amsterdam’ so clear. A day after that I received this my dad came home from a mission trip in Asia and he had a keychain for me. He told me that one of the girls gave him the keychain and told him to give it to me. When I saw the little bear with ‘I love Amsterdam’ on it I started to laugh and said okay I will sign me up for the first coming DTS in Amsterdam. But from that moment I knew God didn’t only called me to do a DTS there, It was for something longer and bigger. So after doing my DTS I decided to come back to staff the urban presence DTS. It’s beautiful to see that we go to Asia for our 3 months outreach to reach out to the people there, because I have a big heart for Asia.

“It’s amazing to see how God brings things together”

Maryse van Balen 

Youth With A Mission

The focus of 'Youth with A Mission'

Know God and make him known. Within Youth with a Mission (YWAM) we have one dream, one vision and one mission together. The dream we have is to reach young people and train them to go out. That young people will go over the earth like waves to reach the nations with the gospel, to disciple others and to look at the oppressed and needy people who need love. Watch the video of the YWAM Amsterdam mission “In the City”

The three spearheads of YWAM are

Evangelization, assistance and training.

The passion that I share with YWAM

See young people fiery, train, set them free and take them on a mission trip.

I experience God's calling for discipleship & missions in my life

– Train and educate young people                      – Challenging young people to be world         – changers Take young people on a mission trip to Asia



Urban Presence DTS

What is a DTS?

DTS stands for Discipleship Training School. This is a 5 to 6 month long Bible school with Youth with a Mission. Unique about this Bible school is that half of this school is in Amsterdam and the other half in Asia. The first half in Amsterdam, ‘the lecture phase’, is focused on training and lecture, and the second half, ‘the outreach phase’ is focused on mission and evangelism in Asia.

The DTS is the entry level course for a degree with the University of the Nations and the entry point into Youth with a Mission. After doing a DTS there are many opportunities to work for and with Youth with a Mission all over the world.

In missions

Since 2018:

I am a fulltime missionary by YWAM.  I invest in the Urban Presence DTS at YWAM Amsterdam. Here we will: disciple and train young people, challenge young people to be world changers, take youth on outreach to Asia. 

How is that Financial?

You do not get paid at YWAM, so this means no salary compensation. That’s shy I saved money to be able to pay part of the costs. For the rest, I am completely dependent on God’s provision. 

Do you want to be my partner?

I ask you to become my partner. What I mainly need now are monthly donation for mu accommodation, food, insurance and travel expenses. I am willing to live simply, so I can train young people and to take them on a mission trip. Will you be my partner for the next two years? I can not do this without your support. 

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