I'm Maryse


And I have a heart to see young people rise up, discover them self, their giftings/passions and to see them grow in their relationship with God and through all of that to make God know.

I would love to introduce myself 

I grew up in Aalsmeer, that’s a little town next to the airport in the Netherlands. I have finished my studies for ‘Sociale Care’ at Nova College in Haarlem. In September 2017 I started my “Adventure with God”, I did my DTS at YWAM Amsterdam with an outreach to Asia (Thailand, China and the Philippines). Since July 2018 I am a full time missionary. For 2 years I have been part of YWAM Amsterdam, and  lead the Urban Presence DTS with an amazing team. Now I’m part of YWAM Heidebeek (an other base in The Netherlands) and I am schoolleiding the September DTS here. I think it’s great that I can disciple Young people form all over the world.  

When I was 4 years old, I lived with my parents and my two brothers for a year in the Philippines where we did a DTS and a Family Ministry School as a family, the we lived in Romania for a year to do ministry.

Self I worked with different christian events: Baan7, Soul survivor, Infusion camp, I was a youth leader in my church and I dance with Hearts aligned 

I really Like sports, I did top-level with gymnastics for years and I love to dance, Photography, design and creative things   

“I have a heart for people”
Maryse van Balen 


My Dance group 

Hearts Aligned 

Hearts Aligned is a dance group in my church where I already dance since I’m 12 years old. In the last couple of years we have done amazing things: made video clips, made a Theater show and danced on different big christian events. It’s so amazing to see how we can  use dance for Gods kingdom  

Youth events

Three different Youth events where I invested in. The Youth is a important group were we need to invest in because they are the next GENERATION!

Baan 7

I was active in my home church, ‘De levend evangelie gemeente’ in Aalsmeerderbrug, where I was committed to “Baan7”. A monthly youth event. I was part of the baan7 core team until the start of my DTS.

Soul Survivor

I have been involved with Soul Survivor for years. I have often worked at Soul food, Soul coffee and in 2017 I organised the “Late-Night” program. As a result, I was also part of the festival core team.

YWAM Infusion Camps   

The summers of 2014 – 2016 I was involved in the Infusion camps at the YWAM Northwoods base in the US in Wisconsin. 

In missions

Since 2018:

I am a fulltime missionary by YWAM.  I invest in the Urban Presence DTS at YWAM Amsterdam. Here we will: disciple and train young people, challenge young people to be world changers, take youth on outreach to Asia. 

How is that Financial?

You do not get paid at YWAM, so this means no salary compensation. That’s shy I saved money to be able to pay part of the costs. For the rest, I am completely dependent on God’s provision. 

Do you want to be my partner?

I ask you to become my partner. What I mainly need now are monthly donation for mu accommodation, food, insurance and travel expenses. I am willing to live simply, so I can train young people and to take them on a mission trip. Will you be my partner for the next two years? I can not do this without your support. 

my newsletter 

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Thank you so much for your interest